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Certiport IT Specialist HTML5 App Development Framework


Standard Description
1.1 Describe the application lifecycle management stages Lessons
1.2 Debug and test web apps Lessons
2.1 Use the canvas element to create graphics and animations Lessons
2.2 Use the svg element to create and display graphics Lessons
2.3 Transform, style, and enhance text and graphics Lessons
2.4 Apply CSS filters to images Lessons
3.1 Construct and analyze markup that uses form elements Lessons
3.2 Configure input validation Lessons
4.1 Manage content layout, positioning, and flow by using CSS Lessons
4.2 Construct layouts by using responsive design Lessons
4.3 Construct flexible responsive layouts by using CSS flexbox Lessons
4.4 Construct grid-based layouts by using CSS grid Lessons
5.1 Create and use custom classes Lessons
5.2 Perform data access by using JavaScript Lessons
5.3 Construct code that responds to events by using event listeners and handlers Lessons
5.4 Construct code that uses JavaScript APIs Lessons
5.5 Manage the state of an application Lessons