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CYBER ORG 9-12: 9-12.SEC.NET

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Analyze the different types of attacks that affect network security. Clarification statement: At this level, student discussions should focus on previous standards as well as grade-appropriate examples of attacks, such as malware, hacks, malicious users, and poor security policies. In addition, risk analysis and management can be introduced through discussions around monitoring and logging of attacks.

5.1 Network Attacks
5.2 Malware Types and Prevention
5.3 Common Network Attacks
5.5 Cross-site Scripting
5.6 Internal Threats
8.3 Risk Response
8.3 Network Attacks
8.4 Malware Types and Prevention
8.5 Common Network Attacks
8.7 Internal Threats
22.11 Cross-site Scripting
10.12 Cross-site Scripting
8.1 Network Attacks
8.2 Malware Types and Prevention
13.3 Risk Response
14.1 Network Attacks
14.2 Malware Types and Prevention
14.3 Common Network Attacks
14.5 Cross-site Scripting
14.6 Internal Threats
16.3 Risk Response
13.3 Risk Response