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CA GS: D1.6

CodeHS Lessons

Examine and categorize the significant processes in the production of interactive games.

6.1 Design Core Gameplay
6.2 Storyboard Gameplay
8.1 Prototyping and Testing
8.2 Develop a Prototype and Test
8.3 Develop a Minimum Viable Product
10.2 Launch Your Game
10.3 Promote Your Game
6.1 What Makes a Good Game?
6.2 Planning Your Game
6.3 Making Your Game
6.4 Publishing and Presenting Your Game
8.2 Storyboarding
10.1 Prototyping and Testing
10.3 Building and Testing the MVP
11.2 Promote Your Game
5.2 What Makes a Good Game?
5.3 Storyboarding
6.2 Promote Your Game
1.3 What Makes a Good Game?
2.2 Develop Your Game
5.3 Storyboarding
6.1 Prototyping and Testing
6.4 Promote Your Game