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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a great way to engage students in computer science. CodeHS has the tools that allow students to create, test, and share their own apps. Students can turn their Javascript graphics programs into apps viewable on iOS or Android, and they can make React Native apps for iOS or Android complete with buttons, alerts, navigation, apps, and more.

Graphics Programs as Mobile Apps

Students learning Javascript can create apps as they write Javascript programs. Any Javascript graphics program can become a mobile app viewable on iOS or Android. Students simply scan a QR code from the free Expo app, which lets them immediately view their program as an app. Any changes they make to their program will immediately update the app. Students can even customize their mobile app by choosing settings such as whether to fit the program to the full size of the device and whether the run and stop buttons are displayed. Once a student is finished with their program, they can publish it as a mobile app that can be shared with family and friends.

Helicopter Game from the Intro Javascript course. Scan the QR code above with Expo.

Building React Native Apps

React Native is a framework that lets you create mobile apps for both iOS and Android just by writing Javascript code. React Native is the technology used to create apps including Facebook and Instagram, so there are endless possibilities for the types of apps students can create. On CodeHS, students can create React Native programs from the Sandbox. Our editor allows students to drag and drop components into their code, making it easy to start building mobile apps complete with buttons, alerts, navigation, maps, and more. Using the free Expo app, students can view their apps as they develop them and share their apps with others once they are finished.

Scan the QR code above with Expo to view a React Native app made with CodeHS.

CodeHS on the App Store and Play Store

The easiest way to see examples of graphics programs turned into mobile apps with CodeHS is to download our apps from the App Store or Play Store.




Flappy Karel

Connect Four


How do I get started?

CodeHS lets you create and view mobile apps with the help of Expo. Expo is a free app available for iOS and Android. The first step to making your own mobile apps with CodeHS is to download Expo.