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Programming Languages

CodeHS offers instruction in the all of the programming languages listed here. You can run any of these programming languages in the web through CodeHS. Any requests? Email us at with the languages you want to learn.










React Native

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for building websites. It's a professional programming language that is very versatile.

Python is a popular programming language for building the backend of websites. It's also great for data analysis and running scripts.

Java is a popular programming language that is the language you learn in the AP Computer Science A class. It's also the language you use to build Android apps.

HTML & CSS are the building blocks of the internet. All websites are built using HTML and CSS.

Karel is a programming language that teaches what it means to "program" and allows students to focus on solving problems using code, rather than getting bogged down in syntax. Students solve problems by moving Karel the Dog around the grid.

SQL is a language that lets you interact with databases to store information and ask questions about your data.

Elm is a new functional programming language that is built for the web. If you are interested in Elm, email John. He'd love to chat with you.

Logo is a programming language that uses a turtle to make drawings on the screen. It's a great educational tool popularized in the book, Mindstorms, by Seymour Papert.

Processing is language that lets you easily and quickly make graphics and animations on the internet.

React Native is a framework that lets you create mobile apps for both iOS and Android just by writing JavaScript code. It's used to create apps including Facebook and Instagram.