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Introduction to AI for Middle School

In this mini course, students will explore the world of Artificial Intelligence by completing ten projects. Students will learn to use AI to generate content, to write effective prompts to generate desired results, and to build their own machine learning model using Teachable Machine. By the end of the course, students will have a more nuanced understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with AI.

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What is AI?
In this project, students will learn the generative power of AI and explore AI's ability to generate text, images, music, and videos.
Communicating with AI
In this project, students will use machine learning models to teach an AI to recognize different language systems, including written letters and sign language. They will explore how different training data affects accuracy.
Machine Learning and Music Classification
In this project, students build a machine learning model that analyzes and classifies music using Teachable Machine.
Does AI Know How to Code?
In this project, students will evaluate the programming skills of a large language model AI.
Generative AI
In this project, students will explore the creativity and power of generative AI with both images and text to create a new animal.
Can You Stump an AI?
In this project, students will explore inaccuracies, or hallucinations, of AI programs, and they will try to find a prompt that will cause an inaccurate response.
AI Prompt Engineering with a Historical Figure
In this project, students will practice prompt engineering or crafting prompts to guide an AI Chatbot to produce the most accurate, relevant, and useful responses. They will explore this technique by prompting an AI Chatbot to answer as Albert Einstein or Martin Luther King.
AI and Accessibility
In this project, students will learn about different ways AI is making the world more accessible to everyone. Students will explore alt text generation and will compare their own alt text with alt text generated by an AI.
AI and Music Generation
In this project, students will delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence and music. They will explore various AI tools used in music generation and consider the ethical implications of using AI to generate music.
AI Prompt Injection Exploration
In this project, students explore how images can be used to override the prompt instructions in an AI language model.

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