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Level up your Python courses and utilize free teaching resources available now! Prepare students with the help of curriculum, tutorials, a digital textbook, and more.

Choose from 9 Python Courses
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Our full-year courses are designed to help students learn the basics. While we do have 9 options to choose from, each course serves a unique purpose.

Create Your Own Course

If you want to create your own Python course from scratch or mix & match existing CodeHS content, you certainly can! Learn more about creating your own course on CodeHS.

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CodeHS Python 6-12 Pathway

Computer Science Explorations 1
Python Basics with Tracy 1
Python Basics with Tracy 2
Introduction to Python Programming
AP Computer Science Principles in Python
Data Science with Python
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (2021)

College Board Endorsed

CodeHS is an endorsed provider recognized by the College Board for our AP Computer Science Principles in Python course. This endorsement affirms only the components of Endorsed Provider's offerings aligned to all the AP Curriculum Framework standards and the AP CS assessments.

Python Hour of Code Lessons

Use these hour-long lessons to introduce students to computer science. Consider running an Hour of Code in your non-computer science class or host an after school workshop to celebrate Computer Science Education Week with students across your district.

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Python Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to brush up on a concept or fill in a gap for content that may not be taught in one of the main courses. Each tutorial offers instruction on a specific programming concept and typically takes between 10 - 30 minutes to work through. Tutorials are easy to use and share—no CodeHS account is needed.

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Python Question of the Day

Looking for a quick warm-up? Try our new Python Question of the Day (QOTD)! Each day, students can find a new question that focuses on content that should be relevant to their current place in the curriculum.

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Intro to Python Textbook

This digital textbook provides an introduction to programming in Python. It teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Demo Programs

Coding in the Wild Blog

Provide students real-world connections and role models across various industries! Check out this Coding in the Wild blog to share stories of people who apply computer science in their day-to-day jobs.

CodeHS PD Courses

CodeHS online PD courses are made up of a series of learning modules covering the pedagogy and instructional strategy for teaching CS in a blended classroom.

Teaching AP CS Principles with Python

Learn more

Teaching Intro to Computer Science in Python 3

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CodeHS Certification

CodeHS Certifications offer high school students the opportunity to validate their mastery of programming skills, giving them a competitive advantage when entering college or the workforce.

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