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Introduction to Game Design with p5play

This is a first-semester course that introduces students to game design and programming. Students use the p5play JavaScript library in order to design, develop, and publish games. Throughout the course, students learn about major programming topics like variables, functions, conditionals, and mouse/keyboard events while building fun and interactive games that they can play and share with others.

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Middle School
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Course Overview

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Intro to Game Design
Students reflect on their game-playing experience and learn more about major video game topics and categories.
Programming in JavaScript
Students learn the basics of JavaScript including variables, user input, mathematics, and functions.
Getting to Know p5play
Students learn about the JavaScript library p5play and how to use it to create the basic structure of an animated or interactive program.
Project: Mini Golf
Students incrementally develop a mini golf game, learning more about the p5play library and important computer science topics like booleans and if/else statements.
Project: Projectiles
Students incrementally develop a projectiles game, learning about new p5play library topics of Groups and Tiles, while improving their fundamental program development skills.
Project: Jumper
Students incrementally develop a platform jumper game, learning how to animate game components with sprite sheets, while improving their fundamental program development skills.

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Demo Programs

Explore programs that your students will build throughout this course!

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