Meet the Team
Teaching is a part of our DNA. Don’t be surprised when one of our names pops up in the ‘help’ tab of your code, offering advice or encouragement - we love to help others learn, and we make a point to do it as much as possible.
Whether we’re working through content on the site, tackling a tough project for our monthly hack-a-thons, or poring over our data looking for valuable insights, we’re always learning. Come learn with us!
The best learning happens in a happy environment, and we know it. We’re constantly asking ourselves “How much fun are you having?” We’d also like to ask you that same question.
Zach Galant Cofounder
Zach has taught programming since he was 14 when he started a video game creation summer camp. At Stanford, he majored in CS and was a section leader and Head TA for the CS105 and CS106 classes for 3 years.
Jeremy Keeshin Cofounder
Jeremy helped teach CS at Stanford for 3 years. He was a section leader for the intro classes for 6 quarters. As Head TA, he was lucky enough to give 3 CS106A lectures to the largest, most popular class at Stanford.
Kurt Hepler Educator Development Manager
With a background in political science and Russian, Kurt was first drawn to programming as a research tool. Kurt works with tutors, teachers, and students to create the best learning experience for new coders.
Max Magnuson Director of Sales
When not helping schools move(); move(); on over to CodeHS, Max enjoys cycling, photography and the ever elusive quest for the best burrito in San Francisco. If you have strong feelings on the matter, feel free to drop him a line!
Emily Kuo Software Engineer
A Chicago native, Emily grew up obsessing over the Chicago Bulls, before having to leave to pursue her studies in Computer Science. When not at work Emily can be found playing soccer or chasing squirrels with the dogs at the SFACC.
Jon Harrell Software Engineer
After studying CS at Washington University in St. Louis and interning with CodeHS, Jon moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to San Francisco. When not working, Jon can be found wandering the city for the perfect record store.
Calvin Studebaker Curriculum Engineer
Calvin studied Computer Science at Stanford, where he taught intro CS as a section leader for 4 quarters and gained a deep interest in CS education. When not developing online CS curriculum, Calvin enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding, and frolicking with woodland critters.
John Kelly Software Engineer
John started programming at his Community College’s coding club, and he took his skills to the next level after transferring to UC Berkeley. When not trying to convince his coworkers the importance of functional programming, John is likely skating the streets of Berkeley.
Jessica Lopez Software Engineer
Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jessica discovered programming while doing undergraduate research at Yale. She aims to be a perennial learner and loves empowering others to do the same. When not at work, she's managing her caffeine addiction.
Will McCambley Account Manager
Will is responsible for growing and managing CodeHS’ community of individual users. He likes to learn, and likes to help others learn as well. He was born and raised in New England but now calls San Francisco home.
Meg Davis Account Executive
Born and raised in Southern California, Meg studied Psychology and English at UCLA before moving to the Bay Area to enjoy the sweater weather she had always longed for. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and being a "cat mom."
Brett Eskelson Account Executive
Brett grew up snowboarding in the mountains in Utah. He loves spending time outside especially playing sports. He's passionate about working with startups to combine education and technology. He comes to CodeHS from Instructure after helping to build their K12 market.
Molly Meyers Account Executive
Based in Salt Lake City, Molly can be usually found walking her dog in the city and on the trails. Outside of sharing the wonderfulness of CodeHS, she enjoys working through the curriculum herself and making Karel drop pancakes and build towers.
Evelyn Hunter Curriculum Developer
Formerly a math teacher in southern Texas, Evelyn is interested in how technology can improve educational experiences for teachers and students. She has run exactly one marathon.
Harry Lopez Sales Development Representative
Based in Miami, Harry comes to CodeHS with an array of experiences including teaching, coaching, and consulting. He loves thinking about how to ensure all children have access to an excellent education. Outside of CodeHS, he loves yoga, CrossFit, boxing, reading, and eating. Big food junkie!
Erin Grady Account Manager
Erin comes to CodeHS with experience teaching both first and sixth grade. With a love of basketball and teamwork, Erin is excited to help coach your class or school to success!
Brian Handy Account Executive
Based in Portland, Brian comes to CodeHS with a background in EdTech sales and tech support. He is passionate about giving students exposure to the world of computer science. Outside of CodeHS, he loves basketball, photography, and his dog Otis.
Adrianne Mikes Office Manager/Executive Assistant
A Texas native, Adrianne studied International Relations and Global Studies at UT Austin. Outside of work you can find her at a beer garden soaking up San Francisco's fleeting sunshine, hiking amongst the redwoods, or daydreaming about faraway destinations.
Marvin Thompson Senior Account Manager
Marvin has three real passions in life, his family, the Marine Corps, and theater. Marvin sees coding as an essential skill needed for every student, and that has lead him to CodeHS. With over 18 years of experience in the K12 Educational Technology industry, he is passionate about developing relationships with customers and helping them improve teaching and learning in the classroom.
We’re always looking for great people to join our small, but super awesome team. Check our jobs page for current openings.