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Teaching Game Design with Roblox

This 5-hour professional development course is designed to introduce teachers to the metaverse world of Roblox. Teachers will learn about the platform, explore the Roblox Studio game engine, and create plans and strategies for teaching "Creating a Game in Roblox" in their classrooms. By the end of this course, teachers will have a deep understanding of the world of Roblox, and a solid plan for delivering an exciting and innovative course to their students where students get to create and publish their own video games to the world.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School, High School
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Course Overview

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Welcome to Teaching Game Design in Roblox
In this professional development course, teachers will explore the metaverse world of Roblox. Teachers will discover strategies, resources, and a clear framework for teaching game design using the Roblox gaming platform.
Building and Scripting in Roblox
This module will give teachers an overview of the tools and processes students will use to design, build, and code in Roblox Studio. Teachers will learn about parts, properties, and models, learn about obstacles & checkpoints, and explore scripting.
Customization and Beyond
In this module, teachers will explore differentiation strategies and explore what the future holds for Roblox, game design, and the larger Metaverse as a whole.
Course Wrap-Up
In this module, teachers will wrap up their professional development course with a final reflection and other closing activities.