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Playlist: Animation in Virtual Reality

By Calvin S. — 21 activities
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. In this playlist, students will learn how to add animations to the objects in their VR worlds. They will learn how to program shapes to move, change color, rotate, and disappear. We recommend completing the Advanced Shapes in VR playlist before starting this playlist. Here is a lesson plan for this playlist:
Lesson Animation
Video Animation Tag
Quiz Animation Tag
Example Example: Cube Sliding
Example Example: Ball Drop
Exercise Sliding Cylinder
Video What Can We Animate?
Quiz What Can We Animate?
Example Example: Types of Animation
Example Example: Rolling Ball
Exercise Radioactive
Video How Can We Animate?
Quiz How Can We Animate?
Example Example: Starburst
Exercise Wormhole
Exercise Catapult
Exercise Light Speed Ahead!
Notes Advanced Options
Example Example: Starburst on a Timer
Challenge Animate a Scene!
Badge Animation Badge