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High School Computer Science Courses

CodeHS helps schools and districts build a four year computer science pathway that equips students with the foundational and applicable understanding of computer science that can be used in further pursuit of a computer science degree or in the workforce.

Courses include Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript, Intro to Computer Science in Python, AP Computer Science Principles, AP® Computer Science A and more. We work with schools to help implement the four year pathway that best fits their need.

Four-Year High School Computer Science Pathway

Year 1: Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript. The CodeHS introduction to computer science curriculum teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming in JavaScript, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.
Year 2: Intro to Computer Science in Python. The CodeHS introduction to Python course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming as well as some advanced features of the Python language. Students use what they learn in this course to build simple console-based games.
Year 3: AP® Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science Principles is the newest AP® course from the College Board. This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and explores the impact computing and technology have on our society. Students learn about the internet, digitial information, programming, data, and apply these concepts through creative projects, while building their portfolio.
Year 4: AP® Computer Science A The CodeHS AP® CS A course is a year-long course designed to help students master the basics of Java and equip them to successfully pass the College Board AP® Computer Science A Exam at the end of the school year.

More High School Computer Science Courses

Web Design

The CodeHS Web Design course is a project-based course that teaches students how to build their own web pages. Students will learn the languages HTML and CSS, and will create their own live homepages to serve as portfolios of their creations.

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The Cybersecurity course is the first online blended K12 cybersecurity course. Students will learn foundational cybersecurity topics including networking fundamentals, software security, and basics of cryptography, all through the CodeHS web-based platform.

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Mobile Apps

As an online blended high school course, students will design and build applications to run on their own smartphones and will use the latest tools and technologies available for mobile app development. Students will learn about the fundamentals of building mobile apps with React Native, mobile app structure, using the various components for user interaction, and the basics of custom functionality all through the CodeHS web-based platform.

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Computing Ideas

The Computing Ideas course is a first computer science course introducing the basics of programming with Karel the Dog, the basics of designing a web page, and how information and images are represented with computers. Students will learn to code using blocks to drag and drop, but they can switch between blocks and text as desired. Students will create a portfolio on the web of projects they build throughout the course.

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Intro to Programming with Karel the Dog

Learn the basics of computer science, programming, and computational thinking with Karel the Dog. Students give commands to the dog to practice foundational concepts and solve programming puzzles. This is a great first course for middle schoolers and can be done with text or block-based programming.

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Video Game Design

The CodeHS Video Game Design course teaches the foundations of computer science and programming required to build their own video games in JavaScript. Students will learn how to code and finish the course having created over 5 text-based and graphical games.

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AP® Computer Science A Review Course

Prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam with a full suite of practice programs and multiple choice quizzes. Get instant feedback on how you're doing on quizzes and programming exercises with our autograding tools. This covers all the main topics in the course including the Java programming language, methods, classes and object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms and recursions. This course also includes full free-reponse problems like the AP exam and full length AP exam multiple choice tests.

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AP Computer Science Principles Review Course

Prepare for the AP Computer Science Principles exam with the largest repository of practice exam questions, broken down by subject. Get instant feedback on how you're doing on quizzes with our autograding tools. This covers all the main topics in the course including algorithms, programming, encoding data, abstraction, the Internet, cybersecurity, simulation and modeling, drawing insights from data, and the global impact of computing. This course also includes a full length AP practice multiple choice exam.

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Introduction to Virtual Reality

Introduction to Virtual Reality is a mini-course that introduces students to the basics of building virtual reality worlds using HTML and the A-Frame JavaScript Library. Through this course, students will build their own virtual reality worlds that are compatible with VR devices, including smartphone VR headsets! Students can either complete the entire course, or individual lessons in the form of playlists. Each lesson should take a single-hour class period. Work through individual playlists, or take the entire mini-course. The entire course should take about 30 hours of class time.

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Intro to Programming with Karel the Dog (Español)

The CodeHS Introduction to Programming with Karel the Dog (Español) course teaches ELL students the basics of programming in Spanish by giving commands to a computer just like you give commands to a dog. Karel is a dog that lives in a grid world and can be instructed to move around and pick up and put down tennis balls. Students will learn JavaScript commands, functions, and control structures by solving puzzles and writing creative programs for Karel in Spanish to follow..

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