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Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript (Golden)

Start programming today. You’ll learn the fundamentals of computer science while creating your own animations, graphics, and games for the web. Perfect for absolute beginners learning at school or at home.

Programming With Karel

Module one is programming with Karel. Karel is a dog that only knows how to move, turn left, and place tennis balls in his world. You can give Karel these commands to instruct him to do certain things. We use Karel to show you what it means to program, and allow you to focus on problem solving.

Karel Challenges

In this module you'll take all the foundational concepts from Karel to solve some programming challenges.

JavaScript and Graphics

Introduces you to the basics of JavaScript, including variables, user input, mathematics, and basic graphics.

JavaScript Control Structures

Learn how to use control structures such as if/else statements and loops to make more advanced programs in JavaScript.

Functions and Parameters

Learn to write reusable code with functions and parameters.

JavaScript and Graphics Challenges

Use what you have learned in JavaScript to program graphics and game challenges.

Animation and Games

Now, your graphics will come to life. You will learn how to make objects move around the screen. You will also learn how to let the user interact with your program with the mouse. At the end of this section, you will program your very own video game.

Project: Breakout

Learn to make the game invented by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak! In this module, you will build your very own breakout game from scratch using JavaScript.

Final Exam


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