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  • CodeHS Courses are aligned to Illinois Computer Science Standards
  • Illinois has K-12 Computer Science Standards
  • Illinois requires high schools to offer Computer Science
  • CodeHS Curriculum is free

Illinois Computer Science Stats

  • 6,210 students took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exams in 2018 (3,192 AP CSP A, 3,018 AP CSP); only 25% were female
  • Universities in Illinois only graduated one new teacher prepared to teach computer science in 2016
  • Computer programmers and software developers in Illinois have an average annual salary of $99,013, which is almost double the average state salary at $53,790

Sources: College Board,, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Illinois Policies & Resources

The Illinois State Board of Education passed House Bill 2170 announcing that they will be adopting K-12 computer science education standards and requiring all high schools to offer a computer science course by the 2023-24 school year. The standards will be released by December 1, 2021. Learn more here.

Districts are also required to offer students computer literacy opportunities starting in elementary school.

Sources: Illinois Department of Education

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