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Standards Frameworks

Name State Number of Standards
GA Math K-5 2021 Georgia 150
Georgia 6-8 Georgia 141
Georgia Advanced Cybersecurity Georgia 76
Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators Georgia 53
Georgia Cloud Computing Georgia 89
Georgia Computer Science Principles Georgia 56
Georgia CS 3-5 Georgia 42
Georgia CS K-2 Georgia 63
Georgia Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Georgia 57
Georgia Foundations of Computer Programming Georgia 33
Georgia Foundations of Interactive Design Georgia 33
Georgia Foundations of Secure Information Systems Georgia 37
Georgia Game Design Georgia 67
Georgia Intro to Hardware Technology Georgia 67
Georgia Introduction to Cybersecurity Georgia 86
Georgia Introduction to Digital Technology Georgia 64
Georgia Introduction to Software Technology Georgia 64
Georgia Math K-5 Georgia 202
Georgia Programming, Games, Apps, and Society Georgia 51
Georgia Science K-5 Georgia 139
Georgia Web Design Georgia 48
Georgia Web Development Georgia 70