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A Comprehensive Computer Science Teaching Platform

CodeHS offers a suite of of teacher tools, resources and support to help schools and districts offer great computer science programs.

Create Assignments

Create, customize, and organize assignments to teach the exact course you want! Learn more!

Classroom Management

All the tools you need to manage your in-person, virtual, or hybrid classroom. Learn more!

Time-Saving Grading Tools

Steamline your workflow with an automatic submission system, customizable gradebook, advanced autograders, and more! Learn more!

Data and Progress Tracking

Easily analyze and track student data for assessments, course progress, and quiz scores. Learn more!

Web-Based IDE Built for Education

Write, run, and debug code in 10+ languages right in your browser - no account or downloads needed. It's free and even works on Chromebooks! Learn more!


Connect CodeHS to your district educational platform to streamline rosters, course assignments, and grades. Learn more!

Everything Needed To Teach

CodeHS 6-12 grade courses are free, accessible, and engaging for students of all levels.

Videos & Slides

Short, digestible video tutorials covering programming topics and concepts in the upcoming lesson


Engaging exercises that allow students to design and build programs based on new concepts


Formative assessments including multiple choice questions about the tutorial video topics and concepts


Longer, open-ended labs and projects to advance students' programming skills


Program examples to give students the opportunity to explore how the code works in the fully loaded IDE


Comprehensive unit exams and summative assessments to gauge students full understanding


Student badges awarded after mastering key concepts -- teachers can also create custom badges!

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans for every lesson -- easily print or modify to fit any classroom needs