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Web Design (Monet)

In this project-based course, students will learn how to build their own web pages using the languages of HTML and CSS. They will create their own live homepages to serve as portfolios of their creations. Students will finish this course with a published website of their own. This is a one semester course for high school students.

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High School
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Course Overview

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Getting Started - What is the Web?
Students will be introduced to the Internet and how it functions, investigate how the Internet has impacted society over time, and set course goals for themselves.
HTML - Structuring Websites
In this unit, students learn about the language behind all websites: HTML. Students learn about several different HTML tags as well as the basic structure of a web page. Students use HTML to develop several of their own creative web pages.
CSS - Styling Websites
In this unit, students learn the language CSS and use it to style their web pages. Students learn about the benefits of styling with CSS, and will use CSS to create several styled web pages of their own.
Project - Create Your Homepage
Students will build their own website about themselves. This site will be accessible on their own custom domain, and will be continually improved by the student as they continue on in the course. It will serve as a running portfolio of each creative project they create in the course.
Advanced HTML and CSS
This unit dives deeper into different things we can do with HTML and CSS. Students practice advanced topics in HTML and CSS, including visibility, image filtering, interaction, and animation, to develop more advanced web sites.
Designing User Interfaces
This unit introduces students to the theory and practice of user interface design. Students learn about what makes an engaging and accessible user interface, and will employ an iterative design process including rapid prototyping and user testing to design and develop their own engaging web pages.
Final Project
In this project, students work in teams to design, prototype, test, and develop a final website

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Demo Programs

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Professional Development

Teaching Web Design

In today's world, web pages are the main medium for sharing ideas and information. Learning to design websites is an incredibly useful skill for any career path. This Professional Development course prepares teachers to teach a successful Web Design course with CodeHS.

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Web Design (Monet) is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Arizona 7 View (43.5%)
California 6-8 View (45.8%)
California 9-12 View (43.3%)
South Dakota Web Development 1 View (68.4%)
South Dakota Web Development 2 View (60%)
Texas Web Communications View (43.2%)
Texas Web Design View (40%)

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