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Curso mixto de secundaria

El curso mixto de secundaria es una opción fácilmente personalizable de nuestro contenido para la escuela media. Cada módulo contiene 10 horas de contenido y presenta a los estudiantes un tema específico de informática. Usted puede elegir qué módulos enseñar y el orden en que los enseña.

Overview & Highlights

Middle School
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Course Overview

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Aventuras de Karel 1
Students learn the basics of JavaScript as they follow Karel the Dog on two fun-filled adventures. Recommended for early middle school.
Karel Aventuras 2
Los alumnos aprenden los fundamentos de JavaScript mientras siguen a Karel el Perro en dos aventuras llenas de diversión.
Aventuras de Tracy
Students will learn how to use basic commands, variables, and functions in their programs using the Python programming language. Recommended for early middle school.
Explorar la informática
Students explore different technologies and the impact they have on our world.
Explorar el código con Karel
Students learn the basics of programming by giving Karel the Dog commands in a grid world.
Explorar Internet
Students are introduced to network protocols and different strategies used to protect online information.
Explorar la ciudadanía digital
Students learn about Internet etiquette and how to stay safe on the world wide web.
Explorar el arte con código
Students explore the intersection of art and technology by creating art programs using p5.js.
Explorar el diseño de juegos
Students learn the basics of video game design elements, game mechanics, and sprite and world design. Students will learn foundational programming concepts in JavaScript and its popular p5play library.
Explorar el diseño web
Los alumnos exploran los estilos HTML y CSS mientras trabajan para crear su página de inicio.

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Demo Programs

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Curso mixto de secundaria is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Indiana CS 6-8 View (100%)
Mississippi 6-8 View (100%)
CSTA 2 View (91.3%)

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