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We take the security of the CodeHS learning community seriously. Creating a learning environment that is both fun and safe is essential to our goal of spreading quality computer science education.

If you have discovered a bug or vulnerability in the site, please don't hesitate to contact the CodeHS team. We appreciate any help or information that you can give as we find and fix website bugs.

Report a Bug or Vulnerability

Please contact us at to report a vulnerability. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are not able to respond to every email individually.

When reporting a vulnerability or bug, please include information on the nature of the vulnerability and steps to reproduce it.

Hall of Fame

The following security researchers have alerted us to bugs and vulnerabilities in the site. Their timely and detailed reporting has helped improve CodeHS. Many thanks to all the researchers and bug hunters!

  • Rafael Pablos
  • Vishwaraj Bhattrai
  • Adeel Imtiaz
  • Vinoth Kumar
  • Kamran Saifullah
  • Konduru Jashwanth
  • Shivam Kumar Agarwal
  • Mansoor Gilal
  • Digvijay Singh
  • Nathan Wilk