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CodeHS offers different membership plans to meet your needs. Learn more about plan features below and fill out a short form at to set up a time to talk about what makes the most sense for your school or district!


This is our plan for classrooms just getting started.

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This is our plan to level up your classroom. Maximum 1 Teacher.

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This is our plan for school programs that allows for multiple teachers.

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This is our plan for district-wide programs.

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Number of Teachers Unlimited Free Teachers 1 Teacher, no co-teachers 2+ Teachers at a single school 2+ Teachers in a District
100+ Computer Science Courses
Full 6-12th Grade Pathways
College Board approved AP CSA & AP CSP courses
AP Review & Test Prep Materials
Detailed Course Syllabi
Solution References
Built-In Autograders
In-Course Assessments
Supplemental Curriculum
Alignment to State & National Standards
CodeHS Practice Problems
Assessment Reports
Shuffle Quiz Question Order
Printable Assessments
Detailed Lesson Plans First 5 lessons
Online & Offline Handouts First 5 Lessons
Problem Guides First 5 Lessons
Course Pathway Builder & Consultation
Create & Customize
Create Your Course from Scratch
Build Your Own Assignments
Add, Remove, & Reorder Activities, Lessons, and Modules
Write Your Own Autograders
Online IDE
Web-Based IDE

No downloads needed!

Share & Embed Programs
Programming Language Documentation
Built-In Autograders
Write Your Own Autograders
Download a Zip File of Code
Print Student Code as a Handout
Adjust Student Copy & Paste Settings
Switch Between Block vs. Text Coding Choose for entire section Customize for each individual student and assignment Customize for each individual student and assignment Customize for each individual student and assignment
View Student Code History 5 Most Recent Saves All History All History All History
Coding LMS Features
Create Sections
Manage Student Enrollment & Rosters
Easily View Students' Code
Build Your Own Assignments
Assign Activities from the Problem & Quiz Question Banks
Share Feedback with Students Online
Control Student Pacing with Access Controls
Set Assignment Due Dates
Award Custom Student Badges
Cheat Detection & Prevention Tools
Track Student Programming Activity, Attendance, & Login History
Send Class Announcements
View Student Programs & Leave Feedback
Built-In Autograders
Grade Mode
Students Can See Their Grades
Give Partial or Extra Credit
Fast Grade
Customizable Gradebook
Configure Grading Categories & Compute Weighted Grades
Adjust Point Values for Assignments
Data & Progress Tracking
View Individual Student Progress
Track Student Progress and Activity with Real-Time Data Updates
Compare Student Progress Side By Side
Track Student Progress by Activity, Lesson, Module, & Quiz Score
Easily Access All Sandbox Programs for Your Section
Track Activity, Usage, and Progress Data Across Sections, Teachers, and Schools
Access Administrator Dashboards & Insights
Manage Teacher Professional Development
Google Classroom Roster Management & Single Sign-On
Google Classroom Grade Passback
Google Classroom Course Import
Clever Roster Management & Single Sign-On (Clever Library)
Clever Roster Management & Single Sign-On (District Rostering)
ClassLink Roster Management & Single Sign-On
LTI Integrations: Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, D2L, Moodle
Common Cartridge Export
LTI Advantage
Custom LMS Integrations
Teacher Community Forum & Facebook Group
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Onboarding Support
Full District Implementation Support

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