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Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSP

This short online course covers all of the tools and resources on CodeHS and through the College Board for supporting AP CS Principles teachers. Major resources include the practice exams, the review course, JS and Python practice problems, AP classroom, how to use College Board reader summaries and rubrics, the Create Performance Task, and more.

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Course Overview

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Start Here
This unit gives teachers an overview of what they will learn in the "Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSP" course.
Tools for Successfully Teaching AP CSP
In this unit, teachers will learn about the AP Computer Science principles curriculum framework and exam. They will take a closer look at the courses and resources offered by CodeHS for teaching AP CSP.
Tools for EOC/MCQ Review
In this unit, teachers will take a closer look at the AP CSP end of course exam and the resources offered by CodeHS, including the AP Readers Question Bank, review materials, and APCSP Review Course.
Tools for the Performance Task
In this unit, teachers will take a closer look at the AP Performance Task rubric and the resources offered on CodeHS, including practice projects and AP Classroom resources to help students succeed.
Teaching a Blended Computer Science Class
In this unit, teachers will take a deep dive into remote and blended classroom strategies.
Tools for Recruiting Students
This unit will empower teachers with tools to grow their Computer Science program, including tools for bringing APCSP to their school, recruiting students, and increasing access & equity in computer science education.
Course Wrap-Up
This module wraps up the course with a survey, badge and certificate!

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