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Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSA

This course covers all of the tools and resources on CodeHS and through the College Board for supporting AP CSA teachers. Major resources include the FRQ Center, practice exams, the review course, Java practice problems, AP classroom, how to use College Board reader summaries and rubrics, and more.

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Course Overview

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In this module, we will introduce you to the course and to Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSA
The CodeHS AP CSA Hub
In this unit, you will be introduced to one of our most helpful resources for teaching AP CSA, The AP CSA Hub.
Curricular Resources on CodeHS for AP CSA
This unit will introduce you to the curricular resources on CodeHS for Teaching AP CSA. You will explore the flavors of CodeHS AP CSA curriculum, the course syllabus and creating your sections on CodeHS.
Resources for Helping Students Master Java
This unit introduces the resources available on CodeHS to help students master the Java programming language. These resources can be used to challenge the quick learner, support the struggling student, or just provide a means for accommodating different learning styles. The College Board Learning Resources are also explored in this unit.
The AP Exam
In this unit, you will gain an understanding of the overall format of the AP CSA Exam along with an in depth look at the format of the Free Response Questions. Then, you will learn about ways to help students prepare for both the multiple choice questions and the FRQs of the AP CSA Exam. We will also share some tips and tricks for both teachers and students.
The Labs
In this unit, we will explore both the CodeHS created labs and the College Board Labs available and how to use these labs to enhance learning Java.
Course Wrap Up!
In this module, we will wrap up the course through a final reflection, workshop survey and certificate of completion.