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Teaching Elementary CS

In this course, teachers will learn the fundamentals of teaching Computer Science at the elementary level (K-5). Throughout this course, you will learn and practice strategies to best optimize teaching with the Elementary CodeHS curriculum. You will explore interdisciplinary integration, exposure to physical computing, differentiation, and assessment strategies, in elementary.

Overview & Highlights

Elementary School
Number of Lessons

Overview of Lessons

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Welcome to Teaching Elementary CS


Elementary CS Overview

Programming Software

Programming Software Overview

ScratchJr for K-2

Scratch for 3-6

Sharing Options

Physical Computing

Elementary CS Pedagogy

Elementary CS Pedagogy Overview

Computational Thinking (CT)

Use Modify Create (UMC)

Debugging Approaches

Differentiation Strategies

Navigating CodeHS Elementary

Navigating CodeHS Elementary

Understanding CodeHS Lessons

Lesson Planning

Portal Resources

Now What?! - A Deeper Dive

Assessment Strategies & Samples

Course Wrap Up