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Coding in Math

Coding in Math is a series of independent, standalone modules that use coding to reinforce and extend students' understanding of mathematics! As students learn major programming concepts, they will develop math-related projects that demonstrate their proficiency in math and computer science.

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Middle School, High School
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Sweet Factors
[Middle School, 4-6 Hours] Students leverage computational power to find all of the factors of a number in order to help The Sweet Shop bag its homemade candies.
Shapes and The Pythagorean Theorem
[Middle School, 4-6 Hours] Students learn to code with variables and user input in order to develop a final program that determines the dimensions of a roof and the quantity of construction materials needed.
The Formula Solver
[High School, 3-5 Hours] Students learn to build programs that solve various real-life formulas based on a user's input.
Vector Math
[High School, 3-5 Hours] Students reinforce their understanding of vector measurements as they learn to program with them in a variety of physical applications.
Categorizing Triangles
[Middle School, 1-3 Hours] Students use Turtle Graphics in Python to create a program that draws and categorizes triangles based on user input and proper if/else statements, functions, and mathematical operators.
Building Mathematical Models
[High School, 1 Hour] Students use Tracy the Turtle to learn how to code different mathematical models in Python! Note: Students should have completed Algebra I or higher.
Orbital Precision
[High School, 1-2 Hours] Students explore the impact of using more digits of Pi when calculating the orbit of Nasa Satellites. Note: Students should be familiar with basic loops, conditional, and print statements in Java before attempting.

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