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Utah 8 Standards Mapping


Intro to Programming with Karel and micro:bit

6 Standards in this Framework 4 Standards Mapped 66% Mapped to Course

Standard Lessons
8.CS.1 Design a project that combines hardware and software components to collect and exchange data.
  1. 7.5 Functions
  2. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
  3. 10.2 Explore a New Sensor
8.NI.1 Explain how proper protocols transmit data across networks and the internet.
8.DA.1 Test and analyze the effects of changing variables in models/simulations.
8.AP.1 Develop a program with iterative protocols that combine control structures and use compound conditions.
  1. 7.1 For Loops
  2. 7.2 While Loops
  3. 7.3 Operators
  4. 7.4 If/Else Statements
  5. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
8.AP.2 Create procedures with or without parameters to organize code and make it easier to reuse.
  1. 7.5 Functions
8.AP.3 Create a new program incorporating existing code, media, and libraries; and give proper attribution.
  1. 7.5 Functions