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Utah 7 Standards Mapping


Intro to Programming with Karel and micro:bit

8 Standards in this Framework 6 Standards Mapped 75% Mapped to Course

Standard Lessons
7.CS.1 Design modifications to computing devices in order to improve the ways users interact with the devices.
  1. 10.4 Final Project
7.NI.1 Model the role of protocols in transmitting data across networks and the Internet.
7.DA.1 Collect data using computational tools and transform the data to make it more useful.
  1. 10.2 Explore a New Sensor
7.AP.1 Design and iteratively develop programs that combine control structures.
  1. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
7.AP.2 Seek and incorporate feedback from team members and users to refine a solution to a programming project that meets the user’s needs.
  1. 10.4 Final Project
7.AP.3 Systematically test and refine programs using a range of test cases.
  1. 7.2 While Loops
  2. 7.3 Operators
  3. 7.4 If/Else Statements
  4. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
7.AP.4 Select and assign tasks to maintain a project timeline when collaboratively developing computational artifacts.
  1. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
  2. 10.4 Final Project
7.IC.1 Compare tradeoffs associated with computing technologies that affect people's everyday activities and career options.