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Utah 6 Standards Mapping


Intro to Programming with Karel and micro:bit

7 Standards in this Framework 3 Standards Mapped 42% Mapped to Course

Standard Lessons
6.CS.1 Utilize troubleshooting strategies to resolve hardware and software issues in a logical order.
6.NI.1 Explain potential security threats and practice protective measures to reduce these threats.
6.DA.1 Represent a single data set in multiple ways using words, symbols, manipulatives, charts, diagrams, and visuals.
6.AP.1 Design and illustrate algorithms to efficiently solve complex problems by utilizing pseudocode and/or other descriptive methods.
  1. 2.3 Comments & Pseudocode
  2. 7.1 For Loops
  3. 7.2 While Loops
  4. 7.3 Operators
  5. 7.4 If/Else Statements
  6. 7.5 Functions
  7. 10.1 micro:bit Challenges
6.AP.2 Create naming conventions for variables that support the debugging process and incorporate these variables into a simple program.
  1. 2.4 Variables
6.AP.3 Annotate programs in order to document their use and improve readability, testing, and debugging.
  1. 2.3 Comments & Pseudocode
6.IC.1 Recognize and discuss issues of bias and accessibility in existing technologies.