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North Carolina Computer Programming I Standards Mapping


Video Game Design in JavaScript

25 Standards in this Framework 16 Standards Mapped 64% Mapped to Course

Standard Lessons
NCCTE.BP10.01.01 Understand the evolution of computers and computer programming languages.
NCCTE.BP10.01.02 Understand numbering systems.
NCCTE.BP10.01.03 Understand ethics and security in the programming process
NCCTE.BP10.02.01 Understand the programming process.
  1. 1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
  2. 1.13 Control Structures Example
  3. 1.15 How to Indent Your Code
NCCTE.BP10.02.02 Understand problem solving tools to design programming solutions
  1. 1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
  2. 1.13 Control Structures Example
NCCTE.BP10.02.03 Understand proper program documentation, code comments, Use Cases, and Requirements Definition
  1. 1.7 Commenting Your Code
NCCTE.BP10.03.01 Apply controls associated with the Windows form.
NCCTE.BP10.03.02 Apply the properties associated with controls.
NCCTE.BP10.04.01 Understand variables and data types
  1. 2.2 Variables
NCCTE.BP10.04.02 Understand object naming and naming conventions and standards
  1. 2.2 Variables
NCCTE.BP10.05.01 Understand different types of programming errors
  1. 1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
NCCTE.BP10.05.02 Understand breakpoint, watch window, and try and catch to find errors.
NCCTE.BP10.05.03 Apply operators and Boolean expressions.
  1. 2.6 Booleans
  2. 2.7 Logical Operators
  3. 2.8 Comparison Operators
NCCTE.BP10.05.04 Apply decision-making structures.
  1. 1.13 Control Structures Example
  2. 2.9 If Statements
NCCTE.BP10.05.05 Apply looping statements.
  1. 2.10 For Loops in JavaScript
  2. 2.12 For Loop Practice
  3. 2.14 While Loops
  4. 2.15 Loop and a Half
NCCTE.BP10.06.01 Apply tools to develop menus, List Box, and Combo Box objects.
NCCTE.BP10.06.02 Apply tools to develop message, input, and dialog boxes.
  1. 2.3 User Input
NCCTE.BP10.06.03 Apply procedures for validation of user input.
  1. 2.3 User Input
NCCTE.BP10.07.01 Apply sub procedures/methods and user defined functions.
  1. 2.16 Functions and Parameters 1
  2. 2.17 Functions and Parameters 2
  3. 2.18 Functions and Parameters 3
  4. 2.19 Functions and Return Values 1
  5. 2.20 Functions and Return Values 2
NCCTE.BP10.07.02 Apply one-dimensional arrays.
  1. 8.1 Intro to Lists/Arrays
  2. 8.2 Indexing Into an Array
  3. 8.4 Array Length and Looping Through Arrays
  4. 8.5 Iterating Over an Array
NCCTE.BP10.07.03 Apply built-in Math functions
  1. 2.4 Basic Math in JavaScript
NCCTE.BP10.07.04 Apply built-in String Methods.
  1. 2.2 Variables
NCCTE.BP10.08.01 Understand coordinate systems
  1. 2.5 Using Graphics in JavaScript
NCCTE.BP10.08.02 Apply procedures to create picture boxes using images.
NCCTE.BP10.08.03 Apply animation and graphic methods in a Windows form.