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Standards Framework

for CompTIA IT Fundamentals


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
1.1 Compare and contrast notational systems.
1.2 Compare and contrast fundamental data types and their characteristics.
1.3 Illustrate the basics of computing and processing.
1.4 Explain the value of data and information.
1.5 Compare and contrast common units of measure.
1.6 Explain the troubleshooting methodology.
2.1 Classify common types of input/output device interfaces.
2.2 Given a scenario, set up and install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC.
2.3 Explain the purpose of common internal computing components.
2.4 Compare and contrast common Internet service types.
2.5 Compare and contrast storage types.
2.6 Compare and contrast common computing devices and their purposes.
2.7 Explain basic networking concepts.
2.8 Given a scenario, install, configure and secure a basic wireless network.
3.1 Explain the purpose of operating systems.
3.2 Compare and contrast components of an operating system.
3.3 Explain the purpose and proper use of software.
3.4 Explain methods of application architecture and delivery models.
3.5 Given a scenario, configure and use web browsers.
3.6 Compare and contrast general application concepts and uses.
4.1 Compare and contrast programming language categories.
4.2 Given a scenario, use programming organizational techniques and interpret logic.
4.3 Explain the purpose and use of programming concepts.
5.1 Explain database concepts and the purpose of a database.
5.2 Compare and contrast various database structures.
5.3 Summarize methods used to interface with databases.
6.1 Summarize confidentiality, integrity and availability concerns.
6.2 Explain methods to secure devices and best practices.
6.3 Summarize behavioral security concepts.
6.4 Compare and contrast authentication, authorization, accounting and non-repudiation concepts.
6.5 Explain password best practices.
6.6 Explain common uses of encryption.
6.7 Explain business continuity concepts.