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All the Tools, Resources, and Support Your School Needs to Run a High-Quality Computer Science Program.

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Streamline Your Grading Workflow

Time-saving grading tools that allow you to give quick & personalized feedback.

Customizable Gradebook

Manage student grades with the customizable gradebook.

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Fast Grade

Quickly filter & sort student submissions, compare student code to solution, and assign a grade.

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Assessment Reports

Review student performance with detailed assessment reports for quizzes, mid-terms, and final exams.

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Save Time Preparing for New Lessons

Thousands of detailed lesson plans for every course with over 500 handouts & problem guides.

Detailed Lesson Plans

Print and modify detailed CodeHS lesson plans to fit the needs of your students.

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Online & Offline Handouts

Integrate online and offline handouts to engage students during and after class.

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Problem Guides

Provide support to students using CodeHS Problem Guides to breakdown problems and review common errors.

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Fully Customize Your Course & Assignments

A suite of classroom management tools to pace your computer science class.

Assignment Configuration

Customize assignments at a class or individual student level including removing, adding, modifying, or creating new assignments.

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Access Control

Control exactly which assignments students have access to and schedule when assignments become available.

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Due Dates

Set due dates for assignments and generate a course map based on the dates you set.

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Quickly Track & Analyze Student Data

Progress dashboards to gauge student understanding across activities, lessons, & quizzes.


Manage students grades with the customizable gradebook.

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Quickly filter & sort student submissions, compare student code to solution, and assign a grade.

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Quiz Scores

Communicate directly with students and leave personalized feedback on specific assignments.

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Additional Pro Features

CodeHS Pro has a suite of teacher tools to run a virtual of blended class.

Custom Student Badges

Create and award custom badges for your students' accomplishments.

Cheat Detection Tools

Shuffle quiz questions, disable copy/paste, and more.


Quickly send a mass message to all the students in your section.

Dedicated Support

Receive outstanding 1:1 support during and after the implementation.

Educational Platform Integrations

CodeHS connects with numerous external educational LMS and LTI platforms to streamline rosters, course assignments, and grades.

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What Teachers Like You Are Saying

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you THANK YOU! I'm not sure I would have survived the online world of teaching my computer science class without your Pro tools. We did our class today with Zoom, and when students were stuck, it was super easy for me to just look at their code.

Judy Amster

Teacher at Bishop Kelly High School in Idaho

I LOVE all the new Gradebook options. You guys really outdid yourselves last summer!

Emily Hough

Teacher at Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School (BAVTS) in Pennsylvania

I am extremely happy with CodeHS. The pro version is terrific. I love how all the teacher resources are interconnected. The videos are great. The pace of learning is spot on.

Erik Magness

Teacher at Perham Senior High in Minnesota

Also if you don’t have the PRO version, it is completely and totally worth the money!! Makes a huge difference in the amount of resources you have access to.

Kelsey Karlen

Teacher at Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School (BAVTS) in Pennsylvania

It just seems like CodeHS is lightyears beyond where other tech products are. The adaptive and responsive gradebook is amazing. I wish we had that for all of our grading!

David Komie

Teacher at Shepard Middle School in Illinois

Running and grading code on a web IDE with projects beats any product out there. Plus, the curriculum is fun and easy to understand.

Calvin Irby

Highlands High School