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CodeHS Pro

Everything your school needs to offer an amazing computer science program, all in one place.

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Comprehensive 6-12 Pathway

Whether you teach middle school computer apps or AP® CS A, CodeHS has a course for your classroom

Powerful Teacher Software Tools

Progress tracking, grading, cheat detection, customizable gradebook, custom assessments. You name the tool, CodeHS has it

Extensive Classroom Resources

CodeHS Pro saves teachers hundreds of hours over the course of the year by providing lesson plans, activity handouts, offline assessments and more

Dedicated Teacher + Admin Support

When you sign up for Pro you receive outstanding 1:1 support from our expert Account Managers

Powerful Features for Schools + Districts

Whether starting your school's first coding class or building out a district-wide program, CodeHS is the most comprehensive solution for MS + HS computer science

Completely Web-Based

With CodeHS, never download, update or purchase additional software. Learn More

Easy to Get Started

Get your section set up in minutes and spend more time teaching. Learn More

Saves You Time

Whether you're a new or veteran CS teacher, CodeHS will save you hundreds of hours over the school year and will allow you to focus on your students and their learning. Learn More

Fully Customizable

Teachers can use CodeHS out of the box, or can leverage our Create tool to customize playlists and courses to fit the needs of their classes. Learn More

Spend More Time 1:1 with Students

With an extensive suite of teacher tools, CodeHS Pro helps you spend less time managing data and rosters and spend more time focusing on your students' success

Save Time with Lesson Plans

On Pro, every CodeHS lesson comes with a detailed lesson plan, ensuring that you spend less time. Learn More

Visualize and Analyze Student Progress Data

Teachers use the many progress tracking tools available on Pro to track exactly where students are in a given course, and to run a self-paced or more traditional class. Learn more about Progress Tracking and Access Controls.


Assess Student Learning and Mastery

With our assessment tools and reports, you'll have access to exactly the data you need to determine what students need more support on.

Integrate with your SIS system

The CodeHS customizable Gradebook makes it easy to turn student progress and performance on CodeHS into grade, and to export that data to any external system. Learn More

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