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AP CS Principles Exam Review

This unit contains hundreds of AP style exam questions to help your students prepare for the AP Computer Science Principles exam in May.

By Calvin Studebaker

Just an Analog Guy living in a Digital World

Resource AP Exam Reference Sheet
Quiz What Does this Algorithm Do?
Quiz Choose the Right Algorithm
Quiz Drawing Insights from Data
Quiz Changing Bits
Quiz Encoding Data
Quiz Fill in Missing Code
Quiz Programming Style
Quiz Modifying Programs
Quiz For Loops
Quiz Boolean Expressions
Quiz While Loops
Quiz List Operations
Quiz Bits
Quiz Randomized Programs
Quiz Robot Questions
Quiz Flowchart Algorithms
Quiz Simulation and Modeling
Quiz Algorithm Efficiency
Quiz IP
Quiz DNS
Quiz Routing
Quiz Packets and Protocols
Quiz Cybersecurity
Quiz Data Compression
Quiz Solvable vs Unsolvable Problems
Quiz Computing Ethics
Quiz Impacts of Computing
Quiz Programming Language Abstraction
Quiz Practice AP Exam