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In Partnership with the Indiana Department of Education

CodeHS is partnering with the Indiana Department of Education to run month-long Java, JavaScript, Python, and Cybersecurity online bootcamps. These bootcamps are designed to help new computer science teachers build their programming skills and understanding while teaching their classes during the school year.

Bootcamp Format

The bootcamp is a combination of weekly, mostly optional, meetings, and online course work. The approximate time commitment is 3-4 hours per week. After the bootcamp, teachers can continue working through the online PD course focused on Java, Python, JavaScript, or Cybersecurity.

To be eligible to register for any CodeHS Indiana bootcamp, you must be an Indiana public high school or public charter high school teacher who is currently teaching computer science or will be teaching computer science in the fall of 2021.

Indiana teachers who complete a bootcamp will receive the following:

  • $300 Stipend
  • Professional Development Certificate of Completion for 15 hours
  • Continued Access to the CodeHS online PD course

Upcoming Indiana Coding Bootcamps - Register Today!

Bootcamp Dates Registration
Java Coding Bootcamp Monday, 4/12
Monday, 4/19
Monday, 4/26
Monday, 5/3
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JavaScript Coding Bootcamp Tuesday, 4/13
Tuesday, 4/20
Tuesday, 4/27
Tuesday, 5/4
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Python Coding Bootcamp Wednesday, 4/14
Wednesday, 4/21
Wednesday, 4/28
Wednesday, 5/5
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Cybersecurity Bootcamp Thursday, 4/15
Thursday, 4/22
Thursday, 4/29
Thursday, 5/6
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