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Pseudocode General

Pseudocode is a brief explanation of code in plain English. Writing pseudocode is a good way to map out your ideas for a program before actually writing the real code. It can help you think about the function [decomposition][1], the top down design, and the structure of a program. Here are some examples of pseudocode: ---------- 1: Pseudocode to put down 10 tennis balls repeat 10 times: put ball 2: Pseudocode to draw a tower on every avenue in a Karel world. while front is clear: build tower move build last tower then, you can also pseudocode the `build tower` part like this: build tower: turn left repeat 3 times: put ball and move turn around move down turn left ---------- Pseudocode is easier to write, so you can get an understanding of your strategy before diving into a tricky program. [1]: