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This course is for individual at-home learners and purchases the course for a single user. For our school plans please visit


Understanding your data is the key to understanding your users. If you learn SQL, you will be able to find the answers to the most important questions at your business. This course teaches you the fundamentals of SQL so you understand how data is stored and how to search for, or query, the information. You don't need any experience coding to learn, but even if you have tried out SQL before, this course will give you the confidence you need to use SQL at your job.'


The entirely web-based curriculum is made up of a series of learning modules that cover the fundamentals of SQL.

Tutor Support, Grading Help, and Questions

One of the great things about taking a CodeHS course online as an individual is that you will get supported along the way from our community of CodeHS tutors. For exercises you submit, CodeHS tutors will grade the problem and provide feedback in addition to the automatic checker system. Also, if at any point you have a question, you can ask it through the site and a tutor will respond to help you get unstuck. Tutors normall answer questions very quickly, usually in a few hours.


The course is meant to be taken online as a self-paced course. We recommend setting a schedule to complete the course. Students complete the course in a wide range of time periods, but we would recommend anywhere from 1 to 4 months. You will have access to the course and tutor grading and help for a year.

Who is it for?

The Introduction to SQL course is designed for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science.

Meet Your Instructors

Zach Galant

Zach started a camp in High School to teach video game creation to middle schoolers and then helped teach CS at Stanford.

What do you Learn?

Students learn the fundamentals of programming with an emphasis on problem solving and logical thinking. Topics covered include: graphics, animation and games, data structures, and more.

Here is a breakdown of the important programming skills that students will develop concepts that they will learn about by working through the CodeHS curriculum:

Module Description
Hour of SQL
SQL Part II: The SQL
SQL Functions:
Data Aggregation

The Grading Plan

  • Complete Curriculum
  • Code Review From Tutors
  • Grading From Tutors
  • Ask Questions to Tutors
  • Autograder Instant Tips
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