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Tech Requirements

Get set up with CodeHS quickly and easily! As a fully web-based platform, all you need is a modern web-browser and access to the internet. Teachers can set up an account, create their classes, and invite students to join in under 5 minutes. No software or downloads are required!

Specific requirements for using CodeHS at your school include:

  • 1 computer per student during class (Mac, PC, Chromebook all work great!)
  • Online connectivity at a minimum of 10MB/sec
  • Modern browsers on computers (up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Access to headphones for each student in class
  • The following domains to be whitelisted for access:

Other Information:

  • There are no plugins or browser extensions needed and no specific settings need to be changed
  • There are no other dependencies or helper applications that need to be installed
  • The product works great with Chromebooks and everything can be accessed via Chrome.
  • There are no folder or user security permissions that need to be set
  • Not designed to be compatible with tablets
  • Please make sure to test visiting before your class starts

Professional Development

Many schools want to start offering computer science courses, but do not have the teacher capacity to do so. Further, hiring experienced teachers who have a background in programming is difficult.

With the CodeHS online professional development course, we'll help train teachers at your school to teach excellent computer science courses--no programming experience required. We've worked with hundreds of new computer science teachers, empowering them with the skills, pedagogical knowledge, and confidence to go into the classroom and start teaching great computer science courses. Teachers rate our online PD course a 9/10!

Learn More

How do I start a Computer Science Program?

Bringing computer science to your school, or expanding the program that you already have looks different at every school and in each district. CodeHS is flexible.

Thank you for your effort to expand computer science education in your school! The following guides will help you take the next steps to bring computer science to your school with CodeHS. It can all be done in 3 easy steps.

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