See some programs you will be able to write with CodeHS.


The classic arcade game.


The classic arcade game.

Simple Snake

The classic arcade game.


Hold the mouse button down to go up. Avoid the obstacles.

Doodle Jump

The fun game where you jump up platforms.


Move the mouse to avoid the obstacles

The Game of Life

Watch Conway's classic game of life.

Evolution Simulation

Simulate evolution and gene combination.

Tic Tac Toe

Get three Xs or three Os in a row to win.

Connect Four

The original vertical strategy game where you try to get four in a row.

Random Circles

Circles of random size and color appear on the window.

Water Color Grid

Move the mouse to generate a water color.

Drawing Circles

Click and drag to draw circles.

Blinking Rectangles

Move the mouse.

Drawing Lines

Click and drag to draw lines.

Bouncing Ball

A ball bounces around the window.

Guessing Game

The computer picks a random number, and you try to guess it.

Technicolor Karel

Karel goes around randomly painting the world different colors.

American Karel

Karel paints an american flag.

Karel Lays a Border

Karel lays a border around his rectangular world.


Select different colors and paint on a canvas.


See how long you can keep the ball in the air. Tap or click to kick it.

Paint Splatter

Click or tap to add a splatter


Turn your keyboard into a piano.