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We provide students with friendly one-on-one help and grading,

which is why we need tutors like you!

Learn by teaching
Our curriculum is composed of video tutorials and corresponding in-browser programming exercises covering a variety of topics like graphics, game design, and data structures. It is implemented in JavaScript and inspired by Stanford's introductory computer science course.
Spread computer science
Join students, teachers, and tutors around the world to teach and learn computer science. We are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of coders and equipping them with skills to express themselves creatively.
Earn some dough
Tutoring with CodeHS is done primarily through our website. This gives college students a convenient and flexible way to earn some additional spending money, with opportunities to earn more for continued involvement.
What Does a CodeHS Tutor Do?
CodeHS Tutors are the go-to mentors for students. Tutors are on hand to provide feedback and support as students work on course materials, ask questions, and submit exercises. As tutors gain more experience, they unlock higher pay rates and opportunities to work on other interesting projects.
Tutors also have access to personalized training and top-notch resources to help them build their own computer science skills. By continuing to improve their own skills, CodeHS Tutors become better teachers and better programmers.
There are many ways for tutors to get involved:
  • Grade student exercises and answer student questions
  • Create teaching resources to accompany the courses
  • Help write course textbooks
  • Work on projects in the CodeHS codebase
  • Run workshops with students and teachers
  • Intern at CodeHS
  • ...and much more!
Beginner Friendly
Our first programming module teaches students how to give commands to Karel the Dog, because computer science is about problem solving, not knowing specific languages.
One Student at a Time
We match tutors with middle and high school classes, giving you the chance to work with the same students throughout the year.
Community of Learners
We're creating a community of people around the world dedicated to teaching and learning computer science. Join us!