CodeHS for Teachers

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Make an impact using a curriculum inspired by Stanford's introductory CS course.

Why teach CS?
Code is the language of the future. Every app, every web page, every new piece of technology we use relies on programmers to help create it. When you help your students learn to code, you help them develop problem solving and logical thinking skills that they can use in jobs of the future.
The challenge
It’s hard for high schools to offer computer science courses on their own. Developing a curriculum takes time and expertise and the resources required to teach a computer science course aren’t like any other class. Take a peek at what your students will be able to do!
Why CodeHS?
CodeHS’s easy-to-use platform provides everything your school needs to start a fun and engaging programming course — even if you don’t have a background in programming. With amazing teacher support and teacher tools, CodeHS is made for passionate teachers who want to bring Computer Science to their schools.
Step-by-step Curriculum
Short videos, example code, and lots of programming exercises make coding fun and accessible for beginners. The self-paced curriculum allows students to work at their own pace so that each and every student can master every programming concept.
Amazing Teacher Support
CodeHS tutors are here to help you teach the best CS class possible! Get your questions answered so that you can stay a couple steps ahead of your students and pass on your knowledge to your classes.
Remote Help for your Students
No background in CS? No worries. Buy a Premium Membership to CodeHS for your class and CodeHS tutors will provide feedback and debugging help to your students and grade all of their submissions.
Teacher Resources
CodeHS One-Pager
What is CodeHS and how does it work?
CodeHS Information For Teachers
Find out why you should teach computer science at your school and how CodeHS can help make it easy.
Getting Started With CodeHS - Teacher Packet
Step-by-step instructions to get yourself and your class started on CodeHS.
Getting Started With CodeHS - Teacher Checklist
Make sure you're ready for your first day of class with CodeHS!
Share CodeHS with Your Administrators
Tell your principal about CodeHS and how you can get it set up in your school.
Share CodeHS With Your School
Download a slideshow explaining what CodeHS is and how it works.