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Teaching in a Blended Setting with CodeHS

Be ready to take your CS classroom virtual with CodeHS! Whether you are using CodeHS on a free or pro teacher account, you'll find the resources here that can help you prepare for the school year. This playlist includes resources for CodeHS tools and lesson planning resources, virtual teaching strategies, and staying connected with your students! To view the playlist, sign in with your CodeHS account. To create a CodeHS teacher account, visit

By Lori Goldade

Connection Getting Started with CodeHS & Blended Learning!
Connection Student Perspective: CodeHS Lesson
Connection CodeHS Course Catalog
Connection Creating Courses & Sections
Connection Customizing Courses with Assignments Page
Connection Grading & Student Progress
Connection Stay Connected! Feedback & Communication
Connection CodeHS Course Curricular Resources
Connection CodeHS Lesson Modifications for Virtual Classrooms
Connection Instructional Strategies for CS Classrooms
Connection Your Tech Toolbox: CodeHS & 3rd Party Tools
Connection More CodeHS Resources!