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Playlist: Getting Started with Virtual Reality

By Calvin S. — 23 activities
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. In this playlist, students will get started by building their first virtual reality worlds using HTML and the A-Frame JavaScript library. Students can view their VR creations right on the computer, or on VR enabled devices like smartphones or the Oculus Rift. Get ready to be blown away by what you create! Here are lesson plans for each lesson in this playlist: What is VR? - Your First VR World -
Lesson What is VR?
Video Intro to A-Frame
Check for Understanding Intro to A-Frame
Connection A-Frame Examples
Example Hello, A-Frame
Connection Connection: Professional VR Uses
Connection VR in Healthcare
Free Response Using VR Professionally
Free Response What are uses of VR?
Lesson Your First VR World
Video Modifying a Sphere
Check for Understanding Sphere Quiz
Example Example: Sphere
Exercise Transform Your Sphere
Video Your First A-Frame World
Check for Understanding Your First A-Frame World
Example Example: Planes
Exercise Create the Floor
Exercise Create a Wall
Exercise Snowflakes
Exercise Ring a Ring o' Roses
Challenge Make a Scene
Badge Learning VR Badge