The Answer is YES!

  1. Do you teach Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, web design, and video game design?
  2. Do you have lesson plans?
  3. Do you have a syllabus?
  4. Do you have a gradebook?
  5. Can I print quizzes?
  6. Do you offer offline activities?
  7. Do you have AP practice exams?
  8. Does CodeHS work for Hour of Code?
  9. Can I have a demo?
  10. Do you have handouts?
  11. Do you have suggestions for in-class activities?
  12. Do you have a 4-year pathway for high schools?
  13. Can you recommend the best course for me?
  14. Do you have customer support?
  15. Can this course be self-paced?
  16. Can I keep all my classes together in pacing?
  17. Can I restrict student access to items?
  18. Can students work on their own coding projects?
  19. Can I assign homework on CodeHS?
  20. Do a lot of schools use CodeHS?
  21. Can other countries use CodehS?
  22. Is this "real" programming?
  23. Do CodeHS programs work outside of CodeHS?
  24. Are programs shareable?
  25. Can I create custom content?
  26. Can students work in groups?
  27. Can students work on their own?
  28. Can I teach block programming?
  29. Can CodeHS be used for afterschool programs?
  30. Can we get started today?