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Team Bios: Zach Galant

Zach Galant Co-founder
Zach Galant is the co-founder of CodeHS, a comprehensive online platform to teach computer science to high schools and middle schools. He has been working in computer science education since 2004 and is a leading expert in CS education and ed tech. The CodeHS platform is now used by hundreds of thousands of students and is the largest platform for coding in high schools. He previously was a computer science student and teaching assistant at Stanford, helping to teach courses, manage the introductory program. Before that, was the founder of Tera Byte Video Game Creation Camp, where he taught kids in the Dallas area how to program their own computer games.

After growing up in Dallas and a decade in the Bay Area, he now lives in Chicago. He enjoys skiing, comedy, podcasts, the Dallas Mavericks, Stanford football, traveling, and spending time with family. And ice cream. He is excited about helping students all over the world explore the possibilities of computer science.