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CodeHS + Facebook TechStart Partnership

Computer Science On-Ramp Experiences

CodeHS is excited to partner with Facebook to build computer science on-ramp experiences to show students how computer science and coding apply to music, sports and art!

In today’s digital world, there are coding applications in every industry. The new exploratory on-ramp experiences are designed to connect students interests in music, sports, and art to computer science and show them that coding is a valuable skill in any subject.

Who is it for?

Students don’t need to be in a computer science class to explore coding! Teachers can use these on-ramp experiences in any class to help change student perceptions and encourage them to take a computer science class. No previous computer science experience is required.

What on-ramp experiences are available?

CodeHS has three on-ramp experiences covering art, music and sports and their intersection with computer science.

Each experience is a 1 hour lesson that can be expanded into a 10-hour project for students.

Coding + ArtStudents explore the digital art medium and create their own art with code! In a block-coding environment, students will develop programs to create collages, imitate techniques of artists like Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, and tell stories through a sequence of multimedia scenes.

View a sample art program:

Meme Generator Who is Marie Curie?
Coding + MusicStudents investigate how code can be used to generate digital music! With block-coding, students develop programs to generate beat patterns, chord progressions, and musical sequences with visualizations.

View a sample music program:

Beats and Colors Music Visualization
Coding + SportsStudents develop their own sports video games and simulations using code! Using block-coding, students build different sports visualizations and multi-level games that can be played with friends.

View a sample sports program:

Trash Shot Example Mini-Golf Course


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