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Level 2 Professional Development for CS Teachers

If you took one professional development course with CodeHS and want more, this course is for you.

Level 2 Professional Development for CS Teachers is a PD course that builds on your content knowledge and pedagogy from your first professional development course. Teachers will build on the skills from the first PD and learn more tips for running a successful computer science class.


The entirely web-based curriculum is made up of a series of learning modules that cover different topics in how to best run a classroom with CodeHS. Each module covers a different topic with lessons to apply in the classroom. Teachers will watch videos, read articles, take quizzes, write responses, and solve coding problems all online.

Who is it for?

The Level 2 Professional Development for CS Teachers course is designed for teachers who have completed one CodeHS PD. It is recommended that teachers have taught at least one course with CodeHS before taking this PD course. It requires no other background.

What do you learn?

The online PD covers more advanced topics in teaching programming, debugging, and working with a blended classroom. It also covers how to use tools on CodeHS to improve your classroom experience and enhance student learning.

Here is an outline of the modules:

Lesson Description
Welcome:In this first module we give you an overview of the professional development course. We introduce a few key principles and ideas, and give you a chance to set goals and expectations for how to make the most out of this course.
Increasing Student Investment in Computer Science:Do you like sports, politics, or media? Teachers engage in current topics in programming and learn how to tie in modern technologies, companies, stories, and more to invest students in an inquisitive and fun classroom experience.
Advanced Tools in the CodeHS Toolbox:Teachers take a deep dive into the CodeHS toolbox to learn more about tracking, gradebook, quiz and problems banks, and the Create functionality.
Advanced Topics in Debugging:All programs get bugs, how do you squash the tricky ones? Teachers continue mastering the art of debugging advanced programs and problems by learning about new tools, tips, and best practices when it comes to squashing bugs in your student’s code.
Student Collaboration:Did you know the best programmers work in teams? Teachers incorporate collaborative programming best practices into their blended learning classroom to increase student collaboration with pair programming, student projects, ideation sessions, and white boarding.
Assessing Student Mastery:How do you assess code that looks so different? Teachers gain insight into assessing different types of problems, projects, and activities and how to provide constructive feedback to their students.
The Current Coding Ecosystem:What tools do people use to build websites, games, and mobile apps? Teachers take a deep dive into the various languages, frameworks, and libraries being used by websites and applications today and how to properly explain what each does and break down their unique technologies and functions.


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