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Teaching AP® Computer Science A

Improve your computer science teaching skills and lead a successful AP® CS A class with CodeHS. The AP® Computer Science A Professional Development course prepares teachers to teach AP® Computer Science A with a focus on the Java programming language. Teachers will practice the skills they need to teach tricky concepts, debug programs, answer questions, and lead a blended classroom. This course recommends that the teacher has completed the AP® CS A course or has equivalent Java programming experience.


This CodeHS professional development course is offered online and takes approximately 15 to 20 hours to complete. The course consists of learning modules containing video tutorials, example programs, quizzes, programming exercises, and short answer questions. Each module addresses a different aspect of leading a computer science class, from pedagogical approaches to helping students fix broken programs to preparing for the AP exam.

Who is it for?

The AP® CS A PD course is designed for new and experienced teachers with prior Java programming experience who want to improve their teaching and classroom skills. Teachers without Java experience should complete the CodeHS AP® Computer Science A course before beginning this PD course.

The course is also beneficial for experienced programmers who have not taught in the classroom before. Experienced programmers will find the pedagogy and blended classroom training especially helpful.

What do you learn?

Module Description
Welcome:This introductory module provides an overview of the AP® CS A professional development course. You'll learn about the big ideas behind the course, key principles for teaching AP® CS A, access and equity in computer science, and goal planning and pacing.
Teaching Programming in Java: Practice teaching the basics of programming with Java. This module reviews key concepts of Java and object-oriented programming and ways to teach them the classroom. You'll also practice grading and fixing student Java programs.
Debugging in Java:Finding and fixing errors in programs is a fundamental skill for new and experienced programmers to develop. This module introduces debugging, the art and science of fixing broken programs. You'll learn techniques for finding common code errors and effective debugging strategies to share with students.
Leading a Blended Coding Class:Learn to effectively lead a blended classroom that utilizes online and offline activities and tools. Practice classroom planning, customize your course, discover helpful resources, and incorporate best practices into your teaching.
AP® Exam and Beyond:This module explores the AP® Computer Science A exam. You'll become acquainted with the length and format of the exam, exercise types, and common exam questions. Learn to help your students prepare for and master the AP® exam.

What will happen when you sign up?

After signing up, you'll be enrolled in the course and have a short onboarding call with a CodeHS Account Manager. Your Account Manager will work with you one-on-one to customize your course and provide the best possible experience during and after your professional development. Once you're enrolled, you can jump in and start working through the online modules at your own pace.


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