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Getting Started - District Admins

1. Get to know CodeHS!

Give us a Call:We want to hear from you! Even if you don't know exactly what you'd like computer science to look like at your school yet, we're here to have that conversation with you. We want to learn about you and your school and help you figure out what the right starting point (after school club? one unit in another tech class? full programming course?) is for your school. Email us at to set up a phone call.

Learn About the Computer Science Education Landscape: Check out our quick facts doc for the basics of what is going on in computer science and why computer science is such an important thing to be teaching our students.

Explore the Curriculum:See how our Introductory Computer Science course is structured and view the modules. The curriculum is made up of short video tutorials, quizzes, example code, and coding exercises that students can work through independently. Learn about the course outcomes.

Check Out the Online PD:We work with hundreds of teachers who are new to teaching computer science, and taking our online pd course is the best way to prepare to lead a successful class. Learn about the PD course.

Try CodeHS Yourself:Sign up for a teacher account. Click on "Try out the Curriculum" to get started on some content. Get your Curriculum, CTE, computer teachers and other relevant staff involved.

2. Bring Teachers into the Conversation

We work with tons of schools that have not offered computer science before, and teachers who do not have a background in programming. The most important thing is to find a teacher who is excited to learn something new and ready for a challenge!

Choose a Teacher:The teacher does not have to have a background in programming, but he/she should be excited to learn!

Schedule a Webinar with us:We want to make sure the teacher understands CodeHS and feels supported in his/her endeavor to teach computer science. On the webinar we’ll talk about how CodeHS works, show key teacher tools and resources that the teacher will have access to, and answer any questions or concerns about teaching with CodeHS.

3. Plan the Class

Now that you and your staff are familiar with CodeHS, it’s time to plan the logistics of the class and engage students!

Figure out Logistics:What format would you like to teach computer science in -- after school club? Full programming course? Introduce a new unit to a tech class that already exists? Find a place for the computer science class in your district and school's schedule.

Get Student Enrollment:Survey students to get rough enrollment numbers. Advertise the class/course offering. Send a notification out to teachers, math department heads, and parents about the opportunity to take this new class.

Purchase Your School Membership:Once you know enrollment, tell your CodeHS point of contact. If enrollment is less than 200 students, you will be able to place your order directly through the site here: If it is more than 200 students, we will come up with a custom package and quote for you. Make sure to sign up for online PD, too. We accept POs, credit cards, and checks.

Have questions? Let us know! Email your CodeHS point of contact or We’re here to help!