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Course Map

Plan out your entire year and gauge whether you and your students are on track with the CodeHS Course Map.

With this tool, you will be to confidently monitor your student’s progress based on benchmarks you've set for the year. You will also be able to edit your due dates if plans change and can easily communicate your expectations to students all on CodeHS.

Course Maps are generated based on Due Dates, so once those have been set you will be able to create your Course Maps.

You can use the CodeHS Sample Syllabus as a guide to hlpe you set Due Dates. The resulting Course Map helps to provide you a pacing guide for the year.

The Course Map displays the due date, unit, and lessons in a digestible way for you to reference as you plan. You can edit, configure, or print your Course Map to make it work best for you.

To get started on your Course Map, go to the Toolbox at top of any page under the Progress column and select Due Dates. After your due dates have been set for your section you'll be able to generate your Course Map.