What is CodeHS?

CodeHS is a site which will introduce you to programming and computer science principles. It is built for complete beginners, and you learn by watching videos, working in the browser, and then getting help and feedback from real people who know this material.

Students who sign up for a membership will gain access to all CodeHS content, including all videos, example code, programming exercises and challenges.

Learning to program can be challenging, and most students get stuck along the way--but CodeHS is the only site where you can get the help you need to keep going.

Every basic member gets help on the first module free and has the opportunity to purchase help on additional modules. Premium members get unlimited help on all modules without additional purchase.

Why CodeHS?

CodeHS is the easiest way to start a programming class at a high school. We provide all the materials and teacher support, so the teacher doesn't even have to be a programmer.

We've been teaching introductory Computer Science at Stanford for the last 3 years, so we know the difficulties beginners face. We are committed to providing beginners with personal help from our fantastic tutors. Taking our class won't just tell you what you need to learn. We will guide you through the process to ensure you're getting the best help possible from our awesome tutors.

How is CodeHS different from _______?

There are a lot of sites that teach you how to code, but none of them provide the help or extensive feedback that we give at CodeHS. Our tutors are college computer science students who are trained on the CodeHS material, and we are all committed to helping you learn to code.

Additionally, nobody else uses our JavaScript libraries that allow you to make awesome games and even more powerful programs right from the beginning. These libraries are based on the acm libraries, which are proven teaching tools.

What is the format of CodeHS?

Students watch short videos that teach the concepts and show examples. Students then complete programming challenges. Tutors guide the students through the challenges, providing help when the student needs it. The tutors also grade and comment on final submissions.

All of our videos and challenges are broken down into modules that stress an important set of concepts.

How long will it take me to learn?
You could keep learning forever, but we've broken our content down into manageable modules that we estimate will take around 10-15 hours each to complete. You can check out our modules in the library, and we're planning more as well.

What will I make, and what will I be able to do?
If you complete the first 3 modules, you will have made a game! Once you complete the 4th, you'll be equipped to make anything on our demos page. You'll know basic JavaScript and have the programming experience to pick up any programming language, whether it's Objective C, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, or anything else.

Who is CodeHS for?

CodeHS is the best way for a high school to start teaching computer science. Teachers can use our instructional materials and get support and help from our experts.

If your school doesn't offer CodeHS, you can sign up for an individual membership or ask your school to get in touch with us about creating a class.

Anyone interested in learning to code (in high school or not) can sign up for a CodeHS membership and start learning today!

Are there any prerequisites?
No! You don't even have to know what it means to code. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you're ready to learn. Also, we recommend you use the Chrome browser for the best experience.

What is coding?
Coding is the process of writing instructions (called 'code') that computers understand. By writing these instructions, you can 'program' the computer to perform tasks for you. Computer science is the study of how you can use computers to solve problems.

Why learn computer science?

Computer Science is becoming more and more relevant and necessary. Studying computer science directly improves your problem solving skills and your ability to logically break down a complicated task into simple steps.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Software Engineer is the best job of 2012, and jobs for people with CS backgrounds have rapidly increased over the past few years, even during the recession. Additionally, CS is a very empowering skill that is helpful for solving problems in every field, from biology to economics to history, and many more.

Who runs CodeHS?
CodeHS is run by Zach Galant and Jeremy Keeshin. Both of them were TAs for the introductory computer science classes at Stanford for three years. Jeremy was the Head TA for CS 106A (Stanford's CS 1), which is the most popular, most well liked class at the school. In addition, CodeHS has a team of tutors who also studied and TA'd CS at Stanford.

How much does CodeHS cost?

It's free for anyone to try.

If you're a school, email hello@codehs.com for a quote.

If you're learning outside of a school, check out our pricing page for details about our membership plans. You can cancel anytime.