Welcome, to the Banana Cult official Webpage! Here as you can see in the tabs are pages filled with information on both us and the creators of the website. You'll find a number of links scattered around the website of what we do and who is in this master piece of creation!

About us . . .

He comes in various shapes and forms but the most important of them all! Pope-chan! Pope-chan is based on the calico banana cat, which makes it very cute indeed! We have our own bible called the banana Bible and our Ten Commandments!

The Banana Cult is a (not actually a cult) cult filled with friends from school and the cyber-world. We have fun talking and playing games with each other such as Minecraft and smash bros. But, we also use our bots to have fun such as the pokemon bot and the meme bot. Join us on in our wonderful country built in Minecraft, just make sure to friend @Bananacats101 on the Xbox app, we can all play!

We are friendly with everyone and we don't shame anybody about anything, come and join us! Anime, memes, waifus, etc, They are all here with us! We are the perfect mix of weeb, fun, stupid and just plain old weird while just having a good time with everyone!