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Constructive vs. Deconstructive Language

Constructive communication drives performance. It’s foundation that the worker is capable and driven however has run into a snag. Operating with them on the snag with a goal of removing it ends
up in larger results. People who communicate destructively have modified the goal. whether or not they are aware of it or not, their focus is on creating some other person feel small.When individuals
feel small – they don’t perform to the peak of their ability. they're not motivated to succeed.


Vaping is basically a device in which it’s suppose to replace a cigarette. Recently discovered was a new source of vaping that’s a kind of extracted cannabis. Over the past year or so many students
have been getting caught in the restroom with these devices that should not be on school campuses. Abusing these devices harms your body and destroys brain cells allowing students too not want to learn
and just sleep in class. Vaping and just smoking in general should not be allowed on campus.

Mental Health

Mental health includes our physiological, emotional, and social-well being. Mental health conditions affect thinking and mood. Mental health is important because it can help you to cope with the stresses
of life, be physically healthy, work productively, have good relationships, realize your full potential, and make meaningful contributions to your community.
Mental health is important at every stage of life, as you are a kid, transitioning to adolescence, and through adulthood.